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Frequenty Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a custom board from start to finish?
Turnaround time once the design of the board has been decided upon is generally 3-4 weeks, however very unique and complicated custom design may take slightly longer, the time schedule will be discussed up front with every surfer.

Can I put my own art work on the board
Of course you can. Part of the design process of any board is making sure that your surfboard has the look you want. You can send on images and colour ideas to the Waxon team and they will incorporate it into your own unique artwork.

I'm not sure what kind of board I should go for, can Waxon advise me on specific dimensions?
The Waxon team will go through all variations of dimensions with you and help tease out where you would like to bring your surfing next. They will make sure that the board you buy is the board that will suit you.

What is the approximate price of a surf board?
Each board is unique and so it's difficult to put exact prices on the website - however as a good guide white short boards generally start at 450 +/- and white mid-range start at 500 +/-. Artwork starts at 20 per board. For more detail please call Conor and he will take you through different pricing options, but be assured that Waxon's prices are extremely competitive and there's a board for everyone's price range.

Are all boards custom built?
No, we also have our own Waxon manufactured stock boards available as we hold a certain level of stock on our most popular designs.

Why should I buy a Waxon board over one I can buy in a shop?
As well as providing excellent advice Waxon stands over the quality of craftsmanship and materials used in manufacture of each and every board. All boards are manufactured from start to finish in the Waxon workshop in Sligo, Ireland - no cheap imports sold. Conor and the team also provide excellent after sales service on all boards when the inevitable happens.









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